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Soft focus drill for tired eyes

Did you know that the first part of your body that gets tired while sitting hours at your office desk are your eyes? 

And when they are tired you make it even worse. You move your head slowly towards your laptop so that your eyes can see clearer what is on the screen. And that adds a bad posture position and usually a stiff neck to the equation.

What can you do? Reset your eyes by giving them a different stimulus.

➡️ Take a pen or your thumb and look at it with soft focus. That means that you look at the object but you are also see what’s behind it.

➡️ Start to move with your whole body to left and right, in your comfortable speed. The goal here is to see the periphery. That means you try to acknowledge everything around you while keeping your eyes on the object or thumb. 

➡️ Change directions and move the object/finger up and down. Now it's mostly your head that performs the movement.

The more you focus on the surrounding, the better your eyes will relax. Your neck will thank you for that.

Michaela Laskowski

Personal Trainer and Owner of Neurostrength


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