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Give some flow to your joints

When you sit in your office chair all day long, your joints are stuck in a fixed position. That means worse lymph and blood flow that causes joint stiffness. Squat walk is an advanced exercise that helps you reverse the stiffness effect we get at the office. It also improves your squat mobility and makes you stronger in bottom position.

➡️ Start from a deep squat position.

➡️ Extend one leg while contracting the quadriceps muscle (thigh).

➡️ Put this leg on the ground and pull your whole body through the heel. Extend the other leg. Repeat.

Squat walk is really challenging, because you are playing in the end range of motion position. Feel free to support yourself with a hand or just do this movement with the heels lifted up a bit.

You can use this exercise as a warmup for some squats or pistols.

Michaela Laskowski

Personal Trainer and Owner of Neurostrength


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