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Michaela Laskowski

I'm an experienced Personal Trainer and Neuro Athletic Coach and Neurostrength owner. My goal is to support you in getting a healthy, pain-free, strong and well-moving body. I specialise in working with clients who struggle with pain that holds you back from reaching your highest training potential and having a fulfilling life.

As an ex-PRO kitesurfer, I mentor kiteboarders to accelerate their technical skills and physical performance to advanced level.

Sports have always been the passion of my life. I have successfully competed in Kung Fu, Football, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and CrossFit. The experience of training and the knowledge I gathered through studying and participating in specialised courses have given me a good understanding about the human body and allow me to provide a better training experience to my clients.

I was born in Poland, raised in Germany and travelled most continents as a PRO Kitesurfer, Instructor and Personal Trainer. I have been living in Zurich for 10 years, where I run my company as a personal trainer and sports physio.

Best Sport Results 

  • 2018 – 21th  Place Crossfit Opens Switzerland

  • 2017 – 8th  Place Alpha Games Nizza – Crossfit – Team  

  • 2017 – 19th Place Crossfit Opens Switzerland

  • 2016 – 1st Place Oh Tannenbaum Throwdown - Crossfit

  • 2013 – 6th on the IKA Kite Race World List 

  • 2012 – 1st Place Polish Kitesurfing championships (race)

  • 2012 – 4th at the Kite Slalom World Championships 

  • 2012 – 4th at the Kite Race European Championships

  • 2011 – 2nd at the Freestyle Kite European Championships 

  • 2004 – Played in Second Bundesliga - Football

  • 2003 – 1st place at the International German Championships in Half-contact - Wu Shu association - Kung Fu

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  • MA in Sport Science & Biological Regeneration

  • Z-Health Practitioner

  • Hypertrophy Systems by IC 

  • Crossfit Level I

  • FMS I & II

  • Certified Functional Trainer by Perform Better

  • LNB Movement Therapy  

  • EBFF Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer 

  • Functional Training, Kettlebells, FMS, Ropes, Viper, Foam Rolling, TRX

  • Endobalance - Woman Special by Daniel Knebel 

  • Neuro Athletic Coach Level I, II & III

  • Mobility Master Coach

  • KORE Performance System Advance

  • Fayo – Faszien Yoga

  • Pain Free Training Systems

  • Functional Medicine for PT

  • Laborar Parameters for PT

  • Running Technique Assessment & Plantar Plate Assessment by Kesh Patel

  • FXNL Performance Coach by Allout Performance Training

  • Pilates Instructor

  • OS Physio - Functional Rehab: Spine

  • Kite Instructor Level II

  • Trigger Points Massage

  • Basic course of Myofascial Taping

  • Gymnastic Seminar Crossfit Turicum

  • Advanced Nutrition: Supplements


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