Michaela Laskowski

I'm an experienced Personal Trainer and Neuro Athletic Coach, and Neurostrength owner. My goal is to support you in getting a healthy, pain-free, well-moving and robust body. I specialise in working with clients who struggle with pain that holds you back from reaching your highest training potential and having a fulfilling life.

Sports have always been a passion in my life. I have successfully competed in Kung Fu, Football, Windsurfing, CrossFit and former PRO kitesurfer. The training experience and the knowledge I gathered through studying and participating in specialised courses have given me a good understanding of the human body and allow me to provide a better training experience to my clients.

I was born in Poland, raised in Germany and travelled most continents as a PRO Kitesurfer, Instructor and Personal Trainer. 

Why Neurostrength?

I created Neurostrength as a response to a lack of a holistic training system for business leaders and specialists that would focus not only on physical workouts but also on enhancing mental performance, overcoming pain issues and reaching client’s goals.

It merges Physical Training and the Neurocentric approach, training all your senses, which provide your brain with crucial information about your body and the environment, for determining your power output and pain response.

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Best Sport Results 


  • 2016 – 1st Place Oh Tannenbaum Throwdown - Crossfit

  • 2013 – 6th on the IKA Kite Race World List 

  • 2012 – 1st Place Polish Kitesurfing Championships (race)

  • 2012 – 4th at the Kite Slalom World Championships 

  • 2012 – 4th at the Kite Race European Championships

  • 2011 – 2nd at the Freestyle Kite European Championships 

  • 2004 – Played in Second Bundesliga - Football

  • 2003 – 1st place at the International German Championships in Half-contact - Wu Shu association - Kung Fu


  • Neuro Athletic Coach Level I, II & III

  • MA in Sport Science & Biological Regeneration

  • Pain Free Training Systems

  • Z-Health Practitioner

  • Hypertrophy Systems by IC 

  • Crossfit Level I

  • FMS I & II

  • Certified Functional Trainer by Perform Better

  • LNB Movement Therapy  

  • EBFF Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer 

  • Functional Training, Kettlebells, FMS, Ropes, Viper, Foam Rolling, TRX

  • Endobalance - Woman Special by Daniel Knebel 

  • Mobility Master Coach

  • KORE Performance System Advance

  • Fayo – Faszien Yoga

  • Functional Medicine for PT

  • Laborar Parameters for PT

  • Running Technique Assessment & Plantar Plate Assessment by Kesh Patel

  • FXNL Performance Coach by Allout Performance Training

  • Pilates Instructor

  • OS Physio - Functional Rehab: Spine

  • Kite Instructor Level II

  • Trigger Points Massage

  • Basic course of Myofascial Taping

  • Gymnastic Seminar Crossfit Turicum

  • Advanced Nutrition: Supplements