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Scapula pullups for office workers

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

If you spend your work hours having a bad posture habit such as rounded back, shoulders falling forward or having your head hanging to the front - try this exercise. It will definitely help to fix the issue.

Hanging on a bar is not only healthy for your spine but also helps to maintain a proper range of motion in your shoulders.

➡️ Hang on a bar. Your shoulder blades will get pulled up, so the goal is to bring them down and even a bit towards each other.

➡️ Remember to control your shoulder blades in all of those positions.

➡️ If you already have pain in your shoulders or your grip is not strong enough to maintain this position, try an easier version. You can use a power band that helps you come up or place your feet on something stable (box/chair/bench) to pull yourself up and down.

The stronger 💪 your shoulder blades and the better control you have over them, the less likely you will injure yourself during dynamic, fast pulling movements.

Michaela Laskowski

Personal Trainer and Owner of Neurostrength


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