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Reasons to try bodyweight training

Are you discouraged to train when gyms are closed, because you are used to train on machines? How about looking at the lockdown as an opportunity to explore your body abilities without using them?

If you are not convinced to bodyweight training, here are some of its benefits compared to machine training:

➡️ Bodyweight exercises improve your mobility and not only strength.

➡️ They require far more brain activation than just a supported simple movement.

➡️ They strengthen your core muscles better then when you perform isolated movements on machines.

➡️ Bodyweight exercises require whole body engagement so you use more muscles.

➡️ They allow you to learn more complex physical skills faster.

➡️ Performing bodyweight exercises is a great chance to explore your body, both its strengths and weaknesses.

Use the lockdown time to connect to your body and try new ways of training! 🤸

Michaela Laskowski


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