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5 tips to Customize your Training

The training plan is a roadmap leading to your goal. To make it successful and fully-individualised, you need a lot of data about your body’s current state and health history. Here are my tips on how to start ⤵️

1️⃣ Making a full assessment of your body is crucial to succeeding in your journey. Get a holistic and real picture of your body, including all your senses, balance, coordination and mobility.

2️⃣ Know what your weaknesses are and how to fill in the gaps.

3️⃣ Check your progress regularly to see if you are going in the right direction or if maybe your plan needs an update.

4️⃣ Be aware of what your body can do and what it can’t (yet). You want to avoid prevent unnecessary injuries during the process.

5️⃣ Look for quality resources and specialists for more knowledge on how to improve your training plan to maximise your results.

All of those above are tips that I share with my clients, which I always incorporate into my work protocol. Putting in effort and time to go through a solid assessment and planning phase is fundamental for quicker and more consistent progress.

Michaela Laskowski


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