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Overhead kettlebell side bend

I wanted to share with you a great mobility exercise for a warm up to open up your chest, strengthen your shoulder and get some lower body mobilisation.

If you haven’t done it before start with the scaled version to understand the movement and to see how far you can go.

➡️ Take a soft ball, place it on your hand, raise the hand and straighten the arm

➡️ Make sure that your feet are placed is wider than your hips

➡️ Try to reach the ground with your other hand by bending forward and pushing your hips to one side

➡️ Look at the object while moving down

➡️ Once you are straight again look forward

If this feels fine and you don’t have trouble to keep your arm extended and pointing upwards try a loaded version with kettlebell. Remember:

✔️ The loaded arm should be straight and close to your ear

✔️ Look at the kettlebell while bending forward

✔️ Once you are in the starting position don’t look at the kettlebell but forward

Take your time with this one, it is a demanding exercise, especially if you know you have some tension in your shoulder/neck area and lower back.


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