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Neurostrength represents the integration of many aspects of our bodies. We are built from cells, primarily composed of water, forming a magical living organism that rebuilds itself every 7 years, capable of handling the enormous stress of daily life.

I am deeply fascinated by the human body on multiple levels. Movement, the way we are built, and functioning as a fascia-muscular-skeletal system, are absolutely my favorite aspects. That's why I love sharing this knowledge with all my clients, helping them reconnect with their bodies on a deeper level, not only by understanding but also by feeling the connection.


Michaela Laskowski

Michaela Laskowski

Personal Trainer and Owner of Neurostrength

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Reconnect to your body

Manuela Schwingshackl

Manuela Schwingshackl

Since I started training with Michaela,
I have seen excellent results: I have a lot more energy, my balance and flexibility have significantly improved, I developed a new attitude in me to combat my inner comfort zone and I’ve never felt stronger.

Jean-François Arnaud

Jean-François Arnaud

Michaela managed to alleviate my pain in no time. I soon was able to perform better and progress faster. She is patient, professional and structured.
If you want to learn, progress, get rid of chronic pains, Michaela is the right person for you.

Olga Kosters

Olga Kosters

Michaela is the best trainer I have ever had. She trained me for several years, was thoughtful, thorough, focused on proper technique, developing strength and mobility. I achieved amazing results, and got into a great shape - I highly recommend her.

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