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Upper spine pain relief for kitesurfers

If you are struggling with the upper spine 🤓 called the thoracic spine and you need some relief... ⠀

Check this out ⏬⏬⏬⠀

1) Move your chest back and forth, as far as possible! ⠀

2) Circle ⭕ around your heart ❤ with your spine/ try to make the movement fluent and smooth, even rhythmical 🥁⠀

The better you can move your spine, the better your brain 🧠 maps and the less issues you will have 🤩⠀

Don’t worry if one side is worse then the other - just spend more time on it! 🤓

Michaela Laskowski

Personal Trainer and Owner of Neurostrength

#personaltraining #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #painmanagement #painrelief #painfree #personaltrainer

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