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Lower back fix for kitesurfers

Do you feel pain or stiffness in the lower back after a few hours of kitesurfing? 🏄🏻‍♀️


Try this exercise 👇


➡️ Keep your hips still ⏸

➡️ Make big circles with your upper body, the main driver is your lower spine ⠀

➡️ Work in the biggest range of motion you can ⠀


If you learn how to separate your hips from your lumbar spine your brain 🧠 will have a way better picture of this area, which results in:

✔️better mobility 🤸

✔️better movement quality 🏅

✔️ a pain-free body 👊


If you are quite stiff or have never done back extensions in a bigger range, do it with some support to feel safer. Use a chair or a wall to support yourself!

Michaela Laskowski

Personal Trainer and Owner of Neurostrength

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